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12 effective ways to improve programming skills

    1. never stop learning and reading

    reading books, not just Web sites

    read only for self promotion, rather than to the next item

    read your base, and not just the latest technology

    2. working with people who are smarter than you

    smarter than you or work with someone who has more experience, allows you to quickly upgrade

    3. become an all-rounder

    not too into a dead end, that can make you stand still and hurt your job prospects.

    4. reading other people's code and record

    actually writing code much easier to read and understand other people's code.

    5. programming experience in the actual project

    only in a real project, under a variety of pressures, true under fickle, ever-changing needs of customers in order to constantly improve your skills.

    6. teach people programming skills

    This can force yourself to understand people of different levels, and you must be patient and help them out, it is for you to improve.

    7. learn a new programming language every year

    a year to learn a new programming language, enough to let you know about it is based on a thorough, and you can understand the style between different languages.

    8. completed an interesting project a year

    a year of interesting projects, not necessarily what's the use, but it must be very interesting, makes you very interested to make it great.

    9. learning Assembly language

    learning low-level languages like compilation can give you an idea of how a computer works.

    10. communicate with your customers access to information

    can communicate with end users know what they think, how they use the software, the end user is not the developer, they see software is a fantastic piece of work, and you see in software is a logical step.

    11. exercise

    physical capital is the revolution, only the body can have a good job, learning.

    12. practice typing fast

    fast keyboard input could make programming more efficient.


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