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An independent Web site online business on Taobao still do that?

    now has many friends wants to in online business but for do a independent website to business also is in Taobao Shang do hard choice, network shopping is e-commerce form of a important branch, is user contact up of e-commerce form, Taobao, and took took network, and youa, and Jingdong Mall, and excellence Mall, and dangdang purchased, many network purchased website, but personal how select go e-commerce website route also is go Taobao route.

    a. Shop nature compared with independent website

    online shop offers two kinds of major, one is with the help of third-party platforms, such as Taobao, Pat, Yes. Second is the establishment of an independent Web site platform, without the aid of any platform. This may have a lot of friends is still very fuzzy, Taobao as an example of the two forms below to do a detailed comparison.

    Taobao shop on Taobao is a plate (or the NET equivalent of a shopping mall, each Taobao shop owners is a stall. )

    independent website, is a Web site, not the plates in a Web site (or that is equivalent to the facade on the street buying shop, customers feel more professional and more informal. )

    II. Shop traffic sources of customer

    friends now have an illusion to think there are a lot of people every day go to Taobao, Taobao shop business is good because of the crowd. In fact, this conclusion is one-sided and only see the surface, Taobao, and independent sites have their advantages and disadvantages.

    1. Taobao daily flow diversion, if Taobao Mall, a day to 1 million people, see the analysis below friends can think about a new situation for yourself.

    1) ranked high reputation of old shops walk around 40% flow.

    2) around the store for the low price of 15% flow.

    3) repeat in other shops, about 10% flow

    4) 15% is probably hanging out customers, not the real deal.

    5) last 20% Taobao shop owners to see their traffic.

    2. independent website traffic

    as we noted above, independent websites in a shop only in selling products on my own, how many people how much traffic each day is its own, even if the website 50 people a day, but also to your shop. Site and profits are good, like Jing dong, Dang, red child, vancl is an independent website. Of course, his advantage is the need to promote their own.

    III. Advocacy issues on online shop

    what business, publicity, only after the publicity will have customers. Taobao is also propaganda, and is spending money on Taobao do rankings, just don't search in Baidu Taobao shop information can only search Taobao back, Taobao people away by shop with good reputation, the new owner no customers. Independent Web site, you can search on Baidu, customers to source more, on the question of publicity, there's lots of blog as well as my blog promotion methods, can learn on your own publicity, or find some professional person advising or helping and so on.

    IV. Payment payment

    PayPal, tenpay, third party payment, does have online play a catalytic role. But as we see in the shop, you can use the payment Polaris settlement, Jing dong, dang and other independent Web sites also can use Polaris settlement money, and that if you open your own independent Web site, you can also use PayPal checkout.

    in addition, Taobao shop is open for free, if the owners do not, you can always close, no after-sale guarantees to customers (that's why customers choose to shop with good reputation). Independent website is made of money, bad products for who's going to affect their reputation, have closed consequences, just as we usually see in stores, gives higher credibility and quality assurance. Independent website is not closing, can give customers reliable protection.

    five. Open Taobao and independent website development forms of

    have friends think Taobao do some drills, has his day a few crowns, which only shows your Taobao do not understand Taobao do after a certain level, you will find the treasure is not the best online sales form, must do an independent website, Taobao, and too many restrictions on operations that cannot be better.

    six. Recommended

    Taobao shop and independent websites are two important ways have their advantages and disadvantages of doing business online, don't see friends after seeing online business select Taobao shop is an independent Web site, how to choose, my personal opinion if we really want to better development on the Internet, the best is an independent website and shop opening, complement each other both hands two hands are hard. Cost input into an independent site thousands of Yuan and there are many companies that offer online agent services, friends can choose, if your friends have any suggestions can directly comment on this article.


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