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Baidu how to make new sites quickly

    1, reasonable choice of domain name

    I choose. Org, because. com、。 org、。 NET domain name relatively higher weights, Baidu will be given higher weight. Four letter domain names, shorter, shorter domain names are more popular. The meaning of domain names containing: the search engine friendliness. So first of all domain name choice and I think it is very successful.

    2, and website keywords layout

    here will mentioned website of meta label, website a began in construction of when will consider theme, actually we of theme is is clear of, main is on "China Emperor gas stove maintenance" "China Emperor fume machine maintenance" two a part, so in title in the on determine has main of some keywords, everyone can himself view. Keywords we have identified 5-6, distinguished by ease of competition. Web site home page content reasonable increase the keyword density, page keyword weight higher. It also will enhance the search engine gives us a clear theme of evaluations.

    3, and website online Qian content full

    believes many of webmaster in upload new website of when will wants to with to website full content, but many people are just lazy, simple of propped up shelf, some even shelf are didn't propped up, that for new station included is is not friendly of, such do has, less is one week, more is half months not included, I strongly suggest you to enrich your Web site online.

    what I do is, before forcing himself to enrich enough content to the site, because it is a way station, not too many articles, but I also got almost 100 articles to the site, that should give the search engines a good impression, that my website is a formal, not to fish in troubled waters.

    4, chain-building spiders

    do not know if you go to the forum found no, AdSense network and seowhy has a spider, the spider didn't realize that what seems to be that, one may realize that but don't want to say, here I will share my experiences with everyone. Website upload has zhihou I immediately to seowhy of Spider district sent has a post, then to Baidu space sent has a article articles, articles inside do has website anchor text and Web site links, also in Baidu know answered has a problem, left Shang has Web site links, also to has some other of forum do has some introduction spider of links, back again view website included situation, found Baidu included Home, outside chain included 3 a, such a new station fast included work on completed has.


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