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Baidu keyword quality degree you still use the old method?

    quality of Baidu keywords recently a lot of new changes, many customers moments of quality decline. URL that has been said before in the formal inclusion of the keyword quality evaluation, became an important factor. So everyone is guessing what Baidu which indicators are used to measure it? But, like creative writing, these things can only go to the us to study. It is not difficult, and this coincided with the website optimization, the same reason, but we continue to test and see what kind of results.

    have seen many on keyword quality on the Internet before the promotion. Indeed, this analysis with all parts of the account as a whole are closely related. Main points here:

    keywords, creative, URL (landing pages), three line, highly relevant, is the core of this keyword is quality.

    a, keywords for quality factors:

    1, low prices, no ranking, no clicking

    2, key word accuracy, whether it is your goal Word?

    3, the correlation between creativity and

    4, matching precision, click less.

    II, creative influence on quality factors:

    1, keyword relevancy

    2, innovative show

    3, reality from creativity hits when

     4, best use a wildcard of

    5, customer experience

    6, smooth.

    7, correlation with the URL.

    III, URL (landing page) for quality factors:

    1, authenticity and practicality. This is just a concept, there is no exact measure.

    2, correlation.

    3, the opening speed. 47% consumers want within 2 seconds to see the complete page 1 second delay of the needle may lead to decreased customer satisfaction 16. Faster access, you can refer to statistical tools.

    4,URL flow surge sharp reduction.

    5, bounce rate. At present, this is an important index for measuring the user experience of a website, but you can't deny a user read an article that is what he wants, there's no need to see the other. This is how many, we share 10%.

    6, the average number of pages.

    7, time on page. I think this is very important and that is a measure, because he can explain a lot of problems, such as articles are attractive, at page online dialogue often, knitting can be used as a reference.

    8, illustrations, typesetting. Baidu said, that is, specific indicators I guess depends on the data, or hot to could become their judge.

    above is the quality of these three effects. Two front believe that most already know, URL after this point. I believe we all share, before the quality is not high, in ensuring that key words classification, and account optimization as a whole there is no big problem, we can always write creative to improve, but we can't change the URL to test it right now? Is cumbersome and not easy.

    so I summarize a bit, we may face the following issues:

    1, not easy to change the promotional URL and keyword quality fluctuations.

    2, the plan is not in place, for the quality of still better.

    3, promote the use of direct dialogs, and keywords, creative relevance is very small.

    three kinds of problems, we have only two ways to solve:

    a, use my promotional URL mentioned above factors to plan package promotion page. And here the relevance, speed, and     the bounce rate is a very important factor. Relevance is the most important of them, recommends appropriate comes naturally within the page to join the extension keyword. More and spread the contents of keywords within a page.

    II, all changed into the article page URL. Take great pains to modify the page to improve the article quality.

    Web design training summary: keywords classification-with written creative Word-same nature words and creative URL.


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