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Baidu snapshots disappeared how

    If you of website home page snapshot disappeared has, so whether website of included page also in, is reduced has included page also is page completely disappeared does, if page and home page are disappeared has, is sorry you of website was pulled hair has, Baidu optimization so recommends SEO you returns to Baidu webmaster guide or Google Webmaster guide good see webmaster guide inside search engine provides of game rules.

    If the home page of your Web site just disappears, and did not reduce the number of included pages, then trouble grabbing the home page of Baidu, Baidu temporarily adjust the database or there is a problem, so you don't have to worry about the situation, to set link bait lure spider is enough.

    If you of website home page in snapshot in the disappeared, and included page reduced to 1 time times following, so description you website of articles quality has problem, or stacked has keywords, upgrade website flow of promotion skills or you website of articles in Internet large of repeat, may is because you of collection, so recommends you stop articles collection, increased original sex articles, and to Baidu again submitted.

    checks a Web site template for design problems, such as Web design is not complete, JS code too much, too many frameset, too many Flash websites, too many pictures is not described, and so on.

    to regularly update the Web site, personal Web site about 2 every 1 day, not too much, if you don't have much time 2 days of an article can be, is the original of the text, original artifacts can be, of course, don't copy and paste.

    to the Forum or BBS site published some articles with your Web site. Or go to Baidu tieba Earth come on == site is relatively large websites, or to webmaster forums such as A5,chinaz,im286 left behind, relatively high weight of these sites, belong to search engines favour websites, search engine on the server for a long time lived, there was a whiff of search engines will catch the first time, this is the quick way.

    links of the Web site, find some equal in quality or high quality link Exchange Web site, and which sites do link, Cheung son think we should not focus too much on PR values, traffic and keyword ranking. Always check links site is normal, this is a long-term work needs to adhere to.

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