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How to make your site keywords in Baidu ranked first

    observation of recent Baidu algorithm to adjust, analyzing and summarizing a lot of work. According to his summary and reference to a number of friends for advice about Baidu's ranking algorithm to adjust the keywords that lead to change, very cool. Share it here.

    first: algorithm to adjust targeted

    Baidu station group represented by l-station group shuffle algorithm, causing a lot of friends on Baidu algorithm has been a psychological cues. I optimize several main keywords ranked on the recent changes and found that Baidu didn't take us too seriously. K when crossing the station group and the sprocket, there are drastic movements in the ranking of the two stations, but are maintained at the first two pages. So if the site itself no cheating on the construction optimization, rankings change is also relatively stable.

    II: focus on the quality of the returned results

    Baidu to emulate Google "content factory" technical measures to exclude low-quality content, quality results returned to the user. The approach is similar to Google, that part is to reduce the weight of lower quality rankings, and enhance Baidu's own products, industry portals and their weight. An additional drop, achieve the purpose of improving search quality. So some keywords you could easily see a portal with one or two pages appear in the Home, Baidu's own product

    III: weighted rankings have improved

    is Google PR this good reference. From the rankings for relevant keywords, and I noticed that Google's PR is also an important reference. This can also be understood from the perspective a: PR value standing at least stands by June 2010, and Google must be recognized. Baidu seems to be in this context reference is made to this algorithm. Web site weights depend on time.

    fourth: the chain of quality

    and letter of an analysis from six aspects of the summary on the analysis of competitor Web site keyword ranking, that is the importance of the chain construction. And would like to stress here is the length of the chain construction, relevance, and quality. If they do, site rank will also have greatly improved.

    fifth to original innovation calls for improving the article

    If this phenomenon to track articles included changes in friends it should be noted, if your site is not very authoritative, so your site will be updating two articles, one is the original, a copy online. Included in the former, the latter not included. This is Baidu declined the root causes of low quality. For our people is a tragedy, but from the point of view of users and Web site development, or good.

    sixth: convulsions, algorithm is not stable

    Baidu algorithm remains fickle. Seems to be on the algorithm Baidu for such uncertainties. Maybe you refresh a page, keyword ranking changes. Maybe you keyword ranking first today, gone tomorrow again tomorrow and next. When at the site does not have enough weight. Baidu is still fickle, keyword ranking is still not stable, but they ended up around a core, that is the quality of user search results are returned.

    Web site does not have enough weight when website keywords ranking in Baidu flew a little, not too much attention in the late. As long as the site has a user value, does not believe it will not come.


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