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How to use Enterprise Web site for business customers and benefits

    Enterprise website construction once, doesn't mean you can sit back and relax, if you want to use site network marketing business, bring benefits to the enterprise, must be Web-based, online and offline promotional work carried out:

    1. using traditional advertising media publicity to enterprise websites

    currently, for many enterprise for, traditional of media industry absolute is publicity of led direction, influence still is greater than network, special for do domestic market of enterprise, TV, magazine, newspaper these media effect is very good of, this is why many enterprise are like attract media came hype of reasons one of, so we in various TV, newspaper, magazine of publicity in the in significantly location mark company Web site, best be simple introduced.

    2. corporate image campaigns and routine work.

    in addition to traditional media campaigns, our daily work and collateral production processes can also be embedded in the company name and the Web site, such as cards, uniforms, computers, envelopes, letterheads, business cards, bags and so on. Inside and outside the corporate office address can be visible annotations, such as facades, signs, banners, signs, and so on. Of particular note is that company giving various gifts, publicity materials, publications, and we want to take full advantage of these promotional tools.

    3. network publicity and promotion

    network publicity promotion maximum of benefits is publicity of cost will greatly of reduced, and radiation surface more wide, this for do international market of enterprise is important, certainly promotion of method also has many, login search engine, let others through it found you, is most economic of way has, but for commercial website, can in various portal website, Local website to do some advertising, bulk email, SMS, and more qualitative crowd.

    also mentioned above, corporate website and information site is quite different, their people as well as the target audience is not the same, corporate Web site should not be the pursuit of traffic, but profit and popularity, so in terms of promoting a more targeted needs attention.

    our basic understanding of Internet marketing methods, we first need to collect specific portal site or a business site, then returns to data analysis according to different Web sites, suitable for different Web sites promotion.

    in short, for enterprise websites, we do not care about the traffic, but to let our customers and potential customers know enough


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