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Teaches you a few pointers when website improve the speed of Web access methods

    website access issue has direct impact on site traffic, website traffic with website profit directly linked, site speed has become of great concern to many problems. How to improve Web access speed? Key construction sites to take into account the following the "seven strokes":

    first, try to make the page "slim"

    effect of virtual hosts we browse the Web page content is downloaded to the local hard disk, then viewed in a browser. Download speed on the display of the Web page accounts for the lion's share, so the space occupied by the page itself is smaller, then browsing speed will be faster. This requires building site follows the principle of opting, for example: do not use too much Flash animation, pictures, etc. Smart, simple Web page gives a feeling of uncertainty.

    second, try to make the page "static" following

    as we all know, ASP, and PHP, JSP and other website building program Web page information of dynamic interaction, is very convenient to run, because their data is good, easy to access, change the contents of the database to make the site "moving", such as forums, message boards, etc. But after such procedures must be performed by the server, generating HTML pages and then "send" to the client to browse, this will have to take a certain amount of server resources.

    third enrollment, and once don't loaded too more, is divided into times transport

    This is website development of problem has, many enterprise construction website to pursuit page unified on align, will whole page of content are plug into has a Table (form) in, then again by unit grid TD to divided all "block" of layout, this website of displayed speed is absolute slow of. Because Table which displayed only after all of the content has finished loading, if some of the content cannot be accessed, would delay the whole page access speed. Correct Web site developed by: content split into several to the Table with the same structure, not all in a Table.

    fourth or put on civilian clothes, reducing resistance

    this using ASP, ASPX, PHP, programming Web site should be aware that, if you're embedding dynamic data in a static HTML page, and dynamic data from ASP, PHP program to provide, use the following statement refers to:, so, Every time a person visits your site, the server would have to perform and a Tongji.asp file, extract the data from the database, and then output to the page display, if there are tens of thousands of people access, must carry tens of thousands of times, one can imagine the consequences.

    fifth or one step two step acceleration run

    If you want to insert some ads on the site code, site speed and want the ads, then, at the construction site using IFRAME most apt. Method: put the ads code into a separate page, and then in the Home with the following code to embed this page, so as not to drag because of the delay of advertising pages throughout the Home Show

    sixth, attention skills, twice the

    current website is laid out like a site statistics, to understand their site visits. However, regardless of how powerful Web statistics system will have failed. If code statistics directly to the front page content, or placed on a Table or div tag, then counters cannot be accessed when your page on the Table or div will produce ten seconds of delay, led a long time to access the page. Therefore, to improve the speed of Web site, it is necessary to pay attention to statistics code location, the right way is: statistics in construction site code to the bottom of the page, and not to the page content in the same Table or div tag. Statistical code placed directly in the code at the bottom of the page or at the bottom to make a separate Table or div to place the counter. In this way, counters cannot be accessed when your Web site speed will not be affected in the slightest.

    seventh or first, friendship second

    between site links can increase site promotion, LOGO image links more accurately describe the site's theme and location, publicity will be greatly enhanced, but the image links are doing too much, will definitely affect the page display speed. Lots of pictures on the site like a direct reference to the friendship site URL so that the photograph to be displayed first after loading you can, each friendship site access speed is not the same, had to wait for the picture to load up the entire table can be displayed, which greatly reduced the speed of the page.


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