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Baidu again include Taobao Taobao will have the opportunity to do

    recently in e-commerce territories, most introduced attention of Dang is Baidu and again began included Taobao of page has, many Taobao Mall are can appeared in Baidu of search results Shang, this for Taobao owner are, natural is a is good of message, but for General of Taobao guest,, seems to in declared has Taobao guest times of end, so Baidu again included Taobao, Taobao guest on really of so and exit history stage did? Taobao Taobao era will have a chance? Author conducted serious thinking, and believe that Taobao just make their own characteristics, will still have the opportunity, following the author and the webmaster friends share with you!

    a: subdivision Taobao guest, out of himself of features

    now Taobao Shang of commodity involves variety industry, and Taobao guest this operation mode, for Ali group for certainly is not line of, this actually is Ali group of advertising Union, so Taobao guest this profit mode is not eliminated, just we how only can from Taobao guest in the found belongs to himself of profit, Baidu released Taobao included, large Web sites into Taobao, for grass-roots owners concerned, and these Web Giants have competition naturally does not have its own stage, what should I do, then on Taobao many industries, by industry segment, Taobao will do fine, make their own characteristics, then natural to avoid fierce competition, find their own earning stage!

    II: do Advisory shopping guide website, to content win

    now many Taobao Shang of commodity often are is some simple of introduced, for products of performance, and products of using method, or products released of information, industry products of information and so on are not has large of introduced, so this on to we do shopping guide information provides has premise, but this website do up is simple, Simple means of brutal competition, how do you stand out from competition? The only way to do that, and win!

    for advisory shopping guide class website, color of place on is content of fine and authority, like in website Shang more provides same products of evaluation, then through evaluation to let everyone to select what of products, and himself of website Shang certainly also some experts of recommended, such user on can through website Shang of authority information to decided select what of products, which to upgrade website of flow into rate!

    III: Taobao brand product or another dark horse

    Taobao main products made mostly before a higher Commission, brand awareness of the products, these products for consumers, because they do not have good credibility, and this time, Taobao will be able to play a role in promotion, are often able to make good profits, but in this form, Almost has was large website by monopoly, again plus Baidu also into to this field, so only can put eye put to these large website not involved of field, brand shopping guide natural is good of select, although brand in publicity efforts Shang often not need Taobao guest of helped, but through provides brand information articles and brand flagship shop of links of form, often many people in view brand news of when, on will directly into brand flagship shop purchase, to get must of profit!

    four: take advantage of new marketing channels to Taobao

    Taobao do not necessarily require the site to be able to do, users can click on the sponsored links, and generate an actual purchase would be able to get a Commission, with the fierce competition website Taobao, is need for grass-roots owners wanted to break a certain wisdom. But we can go the other way, and that is through direct marketing to Taobao, such as paper marketing through Twitter marketing, large scale Web site does not involve marketing model for Taobao promotion links will also earn good income!

    Taobao such a profit model is through flexible and countless opportunities for grass-roots owners, even in the current Baidu Taobao's under enormous pressure, large portal Rodeo Kings when grass-roots owners can still use their flexible, Taobao find some practical ways to take advantage of access to their own profit!

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