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Comprehensive analysis and teaching you how to exchange links

    interpretation links

    because the link is first and foremost a hyperlink, in English, Link Exchange, Chinese also known as link exchange, links swap, link exchange, links etc, Chinese translation very much. Link is between 2 sites actually do link to each other, and of course links here can be a text link or a picture link. Click on the link to access directly from other sites to your site.


    simply put some links and benefits:

    thing about links that you can drive traffic directly to your site, but it will make more indexed your page for search engines. According to the authoritative survey, 80% Web sites around the world, they visit 70%-90% is coming from search engines, so let the search engine indexed more pages, is the most effective way to increase Web site traffic.

    link popularity, that is, the number of site links and site, is an important factor in search engine rankings take into account. In other words, more site links, it ranks higher.

    the quality of judgments

    with the proliferation of links is on a network, just draw attention to the high quality links from the search engines, low-quality links to your site's ranking does not work and even counterproductive.

    high quality links have the following factors: associated with your Web site content, or links to complementary sites, links to website PR value of not less than 4, high traffic, high visibility and frequent updates of important Web sites (such as search engine news sources), has very few outbound links site links content is of high quality, original articles links to many Web sites. Export a Web site called link spam links. Added links to Al-Qaida, bulk link exchange programs, cross links, and link the program, with a number of affiliate sites automatically exchange links, spam links by search engine as a typical, very likely to be punished or implicated. Google will permanently delete the site using a linker.

    then you can use the following ways to get links: 1, find related websites that link to your competitors: in the search engine type "link: competitor's domain name". 2, search engine advertising websites or other publicity to promote the Web site, and links to related websites ranked well.


    to do outside the chain is the most hard thing webmaster friends, and behind that hard, what you do outside the chain might not be recognized by search engines, and sometimes even counter-productive. So, what kinds of links are outside the chain of high quality? Outside the chain construction based on years of experience, combined with the recent foreign chain weighting adjustments in the SE algorithms, summarized the chain construction quality standards, a total of 15, here to share with you:

    1, PR links is greater than 3. The higher the better.

    2, page of the chain. Now se the content relevance enhanced weight believe relevance of external links as well.

    3, permanent one way links. The best, pay attention, be permanent.

    4, outside the chain of the page must be unique, and cannot be under the same IP.

    5, outside the chain must be static pages.

    6, must be outside the chain of text, not pictures.

    7, outside the chain page must have two or more pages pointing to it, chain it's page cannot be the same IP.

    8, links pages must be in the Google and Yahoo has snapshots, and includes more than 45 days.

    9, outside the chain page cannot have more than 20 external links.

    10, not redirected, JavaScript, go to JS caching, Ghost pages, hidden links, frame pages.

    11, not the mirror sites, link farms.

    12, not the blog, comments, Forum, newsgroup, classified information, article submission site, mirror, link farms, self-help links program, guest book, by k. I hope this can attract the attention of webmaster friends. Because there are many webmasters believe that the so-called blogs, forums, mass can lead to work wonders. In order to verify this statement, I have multiple blog mass of small, final result is adequate and even down right by search engines. Therefore can be inferred by the mass-building chain is out of date.

    13, outside the chain of sites did not participate in the swap chain, or link farms. GG has been punishing this kind of link farms, and so must be used with caution.

    14, not the hidden links, links to Flash, rich media links.

    15, not be indexed by the search engine Google to index link in the library.

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