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Enterprise Web site how do Web promotion

    We first take a look at the status of enterprises, more and more companies started to network through network marketing. But the actual effect, many network marketing companies, and did not achieve the desired effect, not any better than the traditional way. Where is their problem.

    now own diagnosis yourself:

    1. Web promotion is not equal to network marketing.

    2. network marketing do not require input.

    3. network promotion is posted.

    4. think SEO is all.

    these 4 points above, if you have a little, you can tell, you behind other enterprises, there must be someone above said that I just had that earn money, you can clearly tell you that you make more money.

    network extension in many ways, I'm here to tell you one of these 4 methods:

    a. Advertising

    first, its greatest cover, because it is not a website, it is the hundreds of websites, some even thousands of website;

    second, the target audience accurately;

    third, the form of advertising, it can be very effective to enhance brand awareness, Enhance the tendency of users to buy. Also can boost offline sales.

    advertising objectives are: first, brand second, boost sales.

    Note: the persons responsible must have, very good data analysis capability, otherwise the effect will be greatly diminished. Also helps SEO

    II. SEO

    SEO promotion, good work slow, long cycle, have appropriate money to gold investment, cycles will be short and quick, long-term benefit.

    accurately according to the way users use search engines, users to retrieve information through the search engine returns results, marketing information will be passed to the target users as much as possible, so as to achieve better sales or promotion.

    III. Soft paper promotion

    1. Guide consumption

    often in online see some on which products of using Hou of feel, or which species service with Hou of feel, actually many when you in see of while has into has some planning master design good of trap in to has, and they will little of guide you to remember this products, or effect you to purchase, But everyone has a sports psychology, gossip always friends and some recent experience, so that we can achieve an invisible word of mouth marketing.

    2. branding

    said above the word of mouth marketing, in fact, is in the process of a brand, an advertisement would sometimes let us remember a brand, but may soon be forgotten, if a brand associated with and some things, perhaps this was particularly impressed by us. Moreover, many business people often have to go to remember some of the brands that and customers did not have to blow, so soft, take this huge flow of effective communications finally reached a media brand marketing effectiveness.

    3. cycle long, price low

    now of network information increasingly more, is because good of articles will was large reproduced, such step by step, many articles was biography has many years still also in online spread is wide, this is soft paper of spread effect, to than hard advertising good of more, on like infectious diseases as, one out, and soft paper also has a maximum of benefits is cheap And sometimes you spend 3,500 dollars than spending thousands of hard ads advertising works, so by comparison, weak or very cost-effective. Of course, brand awareness is not only soft and other advertising to do, only with good, the effect will be better. Also helps SEO

    IV. Forum to promote

    1, if we use the Forum to promote a product, it can bring us sales leads, according to when they ask us to use the Forum to promote the characteristics of goods targeted forums are selected for promotion. For example we sell cosmetics to a male-oriented forum for promotion is definitely unhealthy. If we to a specialized forum on women for promotion, so that our target group is accurate. Also gives us sales.

    2, using the Forum to promote the most typical effect is the ability to quickly bring traffic to us. If you post enough to attract people, will be able to quickly bring more traffic to the site. Remember a few years ago I had a sexual health website, made a post in several forums, push has resulted in more than 6,000 IP Forum can give me one day, so our Web site if you want to quickly flow can use the Forum to promote. That's a good way.

    3, Forum to promote from a SEO standpoint, it also has the advantage that can be left outside the chain, we do SEO knows, outside the chain plays an important in the SEO process. Forum to promote not only to promote our objective was achieved, or can we lay the Foundation for SEO.

    4, either in companies or as individual brands, can also use the Forum to promote, brand is to increase exposure to a large extent, do you want your company name and personal name often appears on various major forums, people long there will definitely be impressed. This also meets our objective to build a brand. Also can support the SEM.

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