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How to tell website does by Baidu down right method

    said most of the webmasters is by Baidu, Google and other search engines to flow, Baidu accounted for the largest share of the market, unless it is a high profile websites like admin5, as everyone knows. So our position in the search engine for our site is very important, and many owners hard in Baidu's business is to have a good ranking. Usually when we do link to observe the situation in the other site under, trying to find some weight do better site outside the chain, if you change from what many webmaster to be Baidu down right, punishment sites will be involved. Punished by Baidu's Web site is very easy to see, but is less easy to see by down the right, and now I talk about site experience does by Baidu down right. Home in the first

    This approach may be most webmasters are looking, this is an expression of Baidu down right, Home of the weights should say most heavily in the Web site, your Home is not in the first place, so was down the right. So most of the webmaster for site under the link will go Home in the first place, if there is no determined not to change.

    2. snapshot is normal

    one week snapshot of the site even if the time difference is now considered normal, especially some of the new station, so looking at the snapshot should be judged according to the age of the site, if your site is built a snapshot two years difference for a few months, so weight is a problem, you say Baidu does not give you a snapshot, You of website in Baidu that is not by welcomes has, it hate you has, may will to you severed relationship, or is is k you so snapshot only will back, this reasons for we for friendship links should said everyone will note has, General for links you snapshot slow on not with it for, but some new webmaster is covet PR so into has old webmaster of trap, so carefully myself!

    3.domain normal

    This factor is the site is down right down the right, but we are not aware of whether the site uses some snapshots of him almost, included also did not change, but is actually down the right, and it is hard to see, in this case we should go under the domain, A Web site if your domain Home away first and site performance down the right, we can observe from the domain to the weight of many aspects of the Web site, such as domain Home first, domain Home snapshot site Home a snapshot of time, if not, then this site's weight is a problem.

    4. snapshot time compared with search results

    some website he has actually taken to the latest snapshot, but his site when not in line with the latest snapshot snapshot time, how is it going to, just Baidu site search when one recent day included you will know. If you recently took Home a snapshot, but the site does not appear, that this site is weighted by issue, there is, we search this site keyword search results displayed snapshots of time is not consistent with the site, such site is down right now.

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