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Site by deleting false posts do not constitute infringement

    publication of false news Web site, infringe upon the rights, whether infringement? Recently, qingyang district people's court docket catering company sued a well-known Web site with publication of false news, damaging the company's reputation, influence the operation of the network tort dispute case. After hearing a court website deleting, dismissed the plaintiffs for removing food and beverage company's claims.

    on July 28, 2011, accused the blog section of the site published an article about a chain of restaurants owned by the plaintiff company recycling oil blog. On August 1 of that year, the bloggers and reporters secret video on the site, has continued to publish articles about the production process of waste oil. The plaintiff company false information leading to the plaintiff asserts that the defendant websites published by public image and normal operations have a great impact, and immediately prosecuted, requesting court Web site to stop the infringing act immediately and remove. Website was informed that reprints the article content was arrested after violating the plaintiffs ' rights, removed in connection with the content in the first time.

    after hearing the Court held that the plaintiff found published in the website of the company reprinted incorrect articles, not contact website dealing with the matter. Courts opened copies of the plaintiffs ' complaint, summons, notices and other legal instruments of proof sent to the defendant, defendant's website is immediately published on his blog the article, deleted the video, they shall be deemed the defendant has fulfilled the statutory obligations and infringement no longer exists, so the catering companies advocate website, eliminating the effects of infringement is not a reason, no support for its claim to the Court.

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