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Study of Taobao's past and present

    Taobao since its inception has been a webmaster to sought after make money online project, looking at the MOM award of income, I am sure you all envy, others join, some hate him know too late, following from the following simple look at how today's Taobao.

   , Taobao's history.

    Login Ali, a mother can see the LOGO reads 1 anniversary, it is clear that the project is not old, who exclaimed that he join the late owners don't have to, because you're better than tomorrow morning.

    second, the operability of Taobao.

    Taobao has a low cost and easy operation have been sought after by everyone, but simple is relative, if Internet access will make money, then you are raking it in. Some also say Taobao is already saturated, this is totally out of the question, how big is the Internet, Taobao, how big is the market, will depend on your tap.

    three, how do Taobao.

    1, how to select keywords, the Taobao is your first step, selecting keywords may refer to three aspects: a search engine searches; b, Ali * Commission; c, search engine competition. PS: some say weight loss, breast enhancement money, blindly rush, you have never done, so competition in the Word will only make yourself bleed, finally shed the Taobao said the market was saturated. Select a project that competitiveness is not very large, although the Commission less, over time, can increase their motivation and self-confidence.

    2, build your own Web site, you rely on forum posting can only be full today, hunger tomorrow, now Taobao program so much, next down pity Dorado, passed up the can. PS: now Taobao money are mostly women, I think that a good interface is very important, if you are too lazy to look at the others close the page, not gorgeous, at least looked comfortable, it can greatly improve the conversion rate in future.

    3, how to expand the market, Taobao basic did phrase now is what product list, what are the best products such as Word, if you do any of these words, isn't it Bob? Answers is denied of, to do a market, certainly to do fine, like rankings, and best of products like of Word search volume after all limited, and everyone are in do, competitiveness relative larger, we can do some related keywords, but didn't more big benefits of that, can with keywords tool mining about, plus Baidu Xia pulled box and related search, himself wrote original articles expand, tip flow certainly will big increased, has flow has on fear didn't sold.

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