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Talk about site stability should pay attention to three aspects:

    Website stability is a copies website growth of premise, in this a copies premise zhixia, most important of for website provides all of guarantee, following author on according to himself of understanding to writing a copies website stability of three big points, may, these has you left of place, also has batch learning of place, stability, website success of premise, we usually of SEO work, for stability always will it pendulum in first, only stability guarantee has, To further improve, to further glory.

    stable one of is, we usually are contact of links, stable is all all of based, lift a example, sent outside chain, also is sent outside chain, day can sent thousands of article, these are is can do of's, but does, outside chain return outside chain, but stability the how for calculation does, cannot guarantee stable of outside chain, not for you of website produced had goodwill, and more is who, also has produced negative effect, directly caused domain not in first, These are the place to think straight, stable, is that outside the chain, sent me an article is an article will not be deleted and will not go away, not because of the weight changes of the site and a large range of your site, will not be affected because the Forum updated chain, more directly, will not be some ups and downs at Lok Ma; this is how it feels stable and points.

    stable of II on is, server and program of stable and website overall of stability, server of stability, is not for time and for long time Dang machine, not today website playing not open, not let Baidu found you of website returns code is 404, not let user seems website cannot access, and so on of not, more of let server directly importance pendulum in premise; program of stability is on program of change, You whether see had background program optimization, background program of optimization is cumbersome of response time, this response time is including how streamlined code, will these code more convenient of let program read, to very better of improve rate, so this while among, most concern of is front desk page not variable, but background program for changes, to makes response way produced different of changes, is need note of place; also has a, website overall of stability, this stability is is front desk of stable, Is we often thought of structure stable type, structure stable type on is maintenance, whole station of correlation, related of part most important of is title, a we all website are had to face of parameter, and this parameter among, is cannot easily of change, title by representative of is page overall by has of most main of correlation, any of a modified are may let se think you of website correlation occurred has change, and this change among most effect of is website of overall framework, Therefore, the stability is to keep this phenomenon.

    stability of three lies, do you see the content of stable, does think I'm much of what has happened to, why always appears in the collection "Tip: in order to provide the most relevant results, we have omitted some elements similar to those of entry, click here to see all of the search results. "This sentence words, content not stable, content enough professional, content repeat sex too high, this is most main of reasons, dang you of website actual page appeared zhihou, most of should are was similar of off has, after all correlation not high, so, here advocates of is content of stable, stability included growth, not more not said, keep stable that on has enough has, cannot too too huge, directly support bad has spider of stomach, collection of content natural is cannot to, will is himself a a copy as also than collection of good n more, After all, will not let se think you're mirroring a site directly, they did take into account?

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