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Website Web design how to diagnosis and analysis of Web site?

   , site structure diagnosis

    structure here refers to the logical structure of the site, and SEO address physical structure doesn't matter. Diagnosis of site structure, is the main skeleton Analysis Web site, to see if it is clear? Have a good customer experience? Can give customers a good map, do not get lost? Can guide the customer in accordance with the envisaged path to access site? Diagnosis of site structure to put the site structure abstractions spun out of re-analysis.

    second, the visual layout and diagnostic

    it easy to understand. Called palpation, website vision is to see at a glance, but when we have Visual expression analysis of website, first of all from the point of view of the target audience to taste. About site layout, we have to analyse whether the layout focused core demands, can touch the user points to show in the most important places of interest, the site is in accordance with human Visual browsing habits to layout of the f-? Web site navigation, secondary navigation clearly stand out? Website visual consistency? Visual impact, and so on.

    c, Web content Diagnostics

    site products are enough to impress people, copywriting, layout, pictures, FABE presentation logic? Website branding copywriter, copy is detailed, attractive, brand personality of the company. Website content has a depth value to impress clients? Web site if there are third-party certified content, enhance the credibility of Web sites?

    four, website background and procedures for diagnosis

    website layout is clear and concise? Operations are convenient, rapid and efficient? Is open source is developed? How safe is it? Whether there are some extra functions?

    five diagnostic analysis, website traffic

    1, flow analysis of total

    Web site of IP, Japan PV? Web site traffic flow changes, week, monthly changing situation? With a stable source of traffic. What causes flow?

    2, statistical analysis of the traffic route

    from Web traffic to route through what channels can analyze Web site to access the site, so as to analyze the effects of various forms of promotion for future promotion of accumulation.

    3, flow path trajectory analysis

    what are landing pages? Leave out page is which? Why jump out of leaving the site? Audience access to the residence time of the Web site? Turn heads? Access to what is left in the middle of track? We can get a lot of conclusions and inspiration.

    4, search engine and keyword analysis

    analysis through the traffic from various search engines, and can analyse flows through keyword searches come to the Web site, which can provide data support for SEO, SEO keyword strategy adjustments are required? How to adjust?

    5, Web site consulting analysis

    site every day how many target customer? Advisory visits proportion? Consultation results? There is no deal (if this is a network retail)?

    I think the Web site data analysis, mainly on those, of course, the access time period, geographical distribution, and so on, are very useful. In addition, specific project summarizes the basic principles of Web site data analysis: data of a single watch or effect, must be compared, the time before and after, visit the Advisory into the depth comparison of its values.

   , website search engine optimization analysis of six

    in General, SEO is a site specific core diagnostic diagnostic analysis.

    1, basic data analysis

    such as the search engine included, outside the chain, such as PR, ALEXA ranking list of basic data analysis. Visit search engine?

    2, Web site keyword ranking analysis

    mainly from some core keywords ranking situation analysis and needs than keyword rankings to analysis of the major competitors.

    3, site SEO program features analysis of

    Website SEO basic functions availability? Site code is search engine optimization? Front end layout DIV? Some tags are reasonable? META tag with a custom function in the background? Sitemap, RSS, add static optimization, links, URL addresses, and many other features.

    4, website keyword strategy and layout of

    Web site has a good keyword strategy analysis and planning, keywords in Web page layout planning? Site's long tail keyword is a tabular summary? Combining content optimization?

    5, site content and page optimization

    Web site content updates? How customer value? TAG of the content label links, internal links optimized? HI, H2 tags of the page do?

    6, crawling of Web log analysis

    from Web logs to analyze search engine crawling frequency, crawl, crawl rules, whether the law has properly set? Are there errors?

    7, diagnostic analysis site external links

    site external links quantity, quality, health, popularity, classification of abundance, stability, anchor text links, hypertext links, links a comprehensive external link building. In General, the external link analysis is more reasonable than competitors.

    seven diagnostic analysis, website promotion

    promotion taken by the Web site? How marketing strategies and Web sites matched to your target audience? How promotion of implementation? To promote quality, played a role in what?

    eight, Web site operators and diagnosis

    Web site has established a perfect system of operational processes? Division of site operations team? Quality in every position? How are operations management monitoring system?

    a Word, words, and all in all, website diagnostic analysis is a set of policy analysis, implementation of complex analysis, operations analysis, rather than a simple analysis Web site SEO website diagnosis of the situation is almost enclosed. CAI Gen Tan believes that no rich Internet marketing project management, operations, planning, and implementation of specific experience, is no way to diagnose Web site problems in depth, System. If it is not found on the system, the root problem, that offer network marketing or Internet marketing, Web site promotion of the prescription drug is certainly not the way, poor final effect.

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