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Google ads optimization

    is the only form of advertising Google Google AdWords keyword advertising through Google AdWords you can make your own advertising, keyword set, choose to hit the region, time, language, and so on, your advertising and your audience is an exact match. Google PPC keyword advertising, that is, when the user clicks on the customer's advertising fees only when, without clicking on pay, the full realization of pay for performance.

    Google keyword advertising on the search results page, loop (up to 8 sequential cycles per page). In addition, your ads will also show many other in the Google network search sites, content sites and other products.

    the search engine Google is now the world's largest, covering more than 61% of the search traffic. Google constantly on the search for innovation, has always maintained his leading position in search.

    its practicability and convenience that has won the favor of many users, it almost entirely in the user's blessed junction became one of the best-known brands in the world. As a business, Google provides advertising services to obtain income, enabling advertisers to publish associated with a specific Web page content, importance and economic effectiveness of online advertising. This not only provides you with practical information, but also give the advertiser the advertising has brought benefits. In order to let you know whether a message in front of your display to pay Google all search results or other distinction between content and advertising on the page, not to sell the ranking of search results. Here are some data about the Google global:

    search the Web: more than 8 billion

    to search for images: more than 1 billion

    interface language: more than 100 kinds of

    language used in search results: 35

    market value: $ 150 billion

    global website traffic from search engines 61%


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