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Keyword ranking

    keyword ranking "is a search engine search results with relevant character, Word, phrase, reflect the way page rank. Can be divided into natural keywords ranking and search engine keyword PPC services provided by two. Key words natural ranking is a search engine for all related Web crawl results automatically analyses, automatic ranking reflects, typically by SEO optimization techniques to achieve the upgrade keyword ranking. Keyword PPC services is ranked by search engines offer a paid service. For example, Baidu's "competitive position" is one of them.

    optimization is the keyword ranking through search engine optimization (SEO), keyword natural search engine rankings for your Web site in the front. Keywords related to user search engines, such as necklaces, hotel and tourism, natural rankings on the left row Home of only up to 10 websites in the world, and these ranks are based on Web site relevance and importance parameters to sort of, very fair. That money can't buy, your ranking higher, meaning you have far more clout than its peers in the industry.

    simply put certain keywords (such as: corporate website of key phrases, such as product name, industry-related terms such as higher usage of the phrase) rank search engine position. To increase the number of site visitors, attract more targeted customers visit, to achieve a marketing role. SEO Baidu to promote the advantages of

    avoid excessive invalid clicks and cost savings.

    SEO cost low annual fee to get more traffic.

    Optimization SEO is top left, easily make your own products to the customer's favorite position.

    SEO ranking stability, long-term stability rankings, easily find customers for 24 hours.

    SEO brand stable natural ranking access to peers and customers ' trust.

    keyword ranking multi-faceted show, ranking improve the result embodied not just in Baidu, and on other search engines such as Google, SoSo, Yahoo has a very good ranking results, one can have very good rankings on multiple search engines, the word "value".

    keyword sets are restricted and if too many keyword optimization, relatively high business costs.

    clash with Baidu to promote products, Baidu official may be harmonious in its commercial strategy, that is, changes in search engine algorithms leads ranking of volatility.

    ranking cannot be completely controlled, only through long-term optimization in order to achieve better rankings.

    SEO cycle too long, keyword optimization cycle the heat sometimes up to six months at a time.

    SEO optimization is important part of SEO can bring more benefit to your business, create their own industry NO.1.

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