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    Web design services

    Web design is generated along with the Internet and audiovisual design for the formation of a new subject, Web designers can get to times of technical and artistic experience based, in accordance with the Web design purposes and requires conscious art form to a Web page element planning and creative thinking activities, and with the development of the Internet and development. On the surface, it is about the page layout techniques and methods, but in fact, it is not only a skill, it is unity of art and technology.

    It is said that world website a copy, copy, you can also do Web designers. We do not share, an ugly Web site, would seriously damage the corporate image, if the fa├žade of a corporate Web site is the network environment, so ugly sites often allow visitors to the corporate Web site. That's why many companies willing to spend heavily to build up their own website image reasons, so just "Home 200, page 100, 500" point of view to do a Web site, it often loses the significance of site and page design itself.

    We on each website project of implementation are has strictly of Division, designer is Designer, programmer is programmer, page designer only is responsible for website of art part, has programming of thought, does not requirements has programming of capacity, design Shang of art for programming of engineers for beauty and function of development Shang are can and have is can has, focused on of is design concept and for industry customer on design requirements of understanding, and grasp and experience.

    scope of services and clients:

    01, with high design strength of the software interface design for software development company;

    02 design strength, functional development capabilities do not have website Web site design requirements of different layout styles to match the company;

  &Nbsp;  03, for enterprises with high design requirements, such as: hotels, advertising, beauty, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, etc;

    04, original styles are not satisfied with your Web site, require high-end layout or website users;

    05, design, art to the weaker peers (Web site development companies, Internet companies, technology companies) ;

    06, with programming ability does not have design, programmer/engineer/Studio Art;


    01, the customer must provide the pages required for the production of electronic documents and related products information

     02, if there are other language versions of the translated documents need to be submitted electronically;

    03, more animation, more design, multiple sets of style, old customers, partners have prices, details on the table;

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