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Web site maintenance

    Website maintenance-hosted content and benefits:

    services include Web site maintenance, Web site updates, free promotion of enterprise products, the free distribution of information. Benefits of enterprise:

    01, can reduce the overhead, that enterprises enjoy a professional website management. If specifically requested maintenance personnel maintain a month maintenance fee is RMB 1500-3000 Yuan/person, so is 18000-36000 Yuan a year.

    02, during major festivals, where in my company managed to maintain the Web site, the company free of charge for its production of small icon of dynamic promotional walk, festive Flash and so on.

    03, more than three years of hosting services, you can enjoy the Web page overhauled.

    04, priority access to industry information, prioritize and get valuable free technical support, priority access to the network to promote the right to free and so on.

    05, you can make updates more quickly, more timely Web sites remain active for a long time.

    06, we have dedicated customer service professionals, on a large professional websites in various industries, publish some of your product supply and demand information, helping enterprises looking for potential customers on the Web every day. And these effective feedback to the enterprise for the first time, for enterprise resource integration effect.


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