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Web site planning

    without a good website, good vision, good technology is pale. With network of development and universal, in Internet Shang has himself Enterprise website of increasingly more, but real makes website function maximize of and has how many, such as website positioning whether accurate, and website design whether reflected industry of features, and website whether reflected enterprise itself of advantage and personality, and website function whether for currently company of status, and website whether exists security problem, and website promotion whether blind, and website security stability whether exists problem and so on, This series of problems many Web design are not responsive to the real needs of enterprises, blindly, and all fall short of true Internet purposes.

    We, as industry leader in website construction in Dalian, "personalized service" is a sharp win the sound development of the business philosophy of science and technology. "The technical, artistic and professional" is our service tenet. According to each customer's industry and enterprise features to analyze the market, to identify the purpose and functions of the site, and according to the needs of the Web site planning.

    first we conduct market analyses, research customer characteristics, whether of the market in developing the company's business on the Internet; analysis of a competitor's site plan and site functions; analysis company's own conditions, company profile, company advantages and capacity-building for the site (human, material, financial) market position of the company. Combining the characteristics of network resources of the company are integrated, Web site positioning. (Enterprise publicity, product information, customer service-oriented, application-oriented, marketing, industry type, e-commerce, Office and so on)

    second according to site location and characteristics of proposed solutions. According to the company's Chinese name and English name, or business brands to determine the company's domain name, domain name recognizable and easy to search. According to the strength select the virtual host or build servers, Web site traffic and user characteristics, stability and security for enterprises to choose between different operating systems and databases and programming languages.


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